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Product Creator: Jeff Johnson
Internet Marketing Sector: Traffic and Leads Generation
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Traffic and Leads Training Academy by Jeff Johnson

Traffic and Leads Training Academy is aimed at building an online business, as it helps the business owners generate traffic to their websites and further convert them into quality business leads, who are willing to pay for their services and products. The academy offers a step-by-step training that is understandable by everyone, thus leading the business owners to solid online income.One of the most distinctive qualities of this program is that, the users are told before hand that in order to attain success in the internet market, they need to put their best foot forward, by putting in the required efforts. The detailed training is easy to follow and is based on two internet marketing concepts namely Traffic generation and Lead Generation.

How To Get Massive Amounts of Free Traffic From Google

Google TrafficIn order to have a successful online business, one needs to have traffic on their websites, that is one of the reasons why the business is not generating any sales. Traffic generation is basically a marketing strategy meant to attract the audiences to the online website. The traffic is then converted into business leads and clients for the business owner to start earning by commission.

The academy provides the students with an insight on how traffic can be generated on specific websites. Almost all the strategies that are talked about are available everywhere, but the academy provides them in a sequence, so as to yield the best results. It offers a live training program with weekly training webinars live for the first eight weeks along with updates after that.

The lifetime access to private membership website where the students will be able to access the content throughout the day, which also includes access to the training modules listed below:

1. How to build a bigger list…Faster!

Once the students understand how to generate traffic to their websites, they graduate to lead generation. The academy teaches the students how to turn all their new traffic into red-hot leads and “ready to buy” customers for their online businesses. The maximum the number of leads increase the chances of having customers and converting them into income.

2. YouTube Marketing Master Class

YouTube is rated as the second most popular search engines and no website trafficking is complete without marketing on YouTube. The academy offers about 150 videos, actions and cheats sheets that are designed for the purpose of making the business rank higher on both Google and YouTube.

3. SEO Optimization

No marketing strategy is every complete without proper SEO, as it plays a major role in generating leads to the business. The academy tells the users about the proper selection of keywords, how to generate high-quality links, size up the competition and make the website rank the highest Google search engine.

4. Turning Your Leads into Customers…And Money

With the help of this program the generated traffic will be taken to a capture page and an e-mail list on that page will be shown to the user. Once the users hits the substantial amount of subscribers on the list, e-mails relating to business products and affiliates can be sent, that will indirectly yield commission.

5. Dirt-cheap Paid Traffic

If you were thinking that paid traffic is risky and expensive- reality it, it can be. Nevertheless, the academy has been driving leads for less that most of the people who generate clicks. How is that possible? They have generated pay per click networks to negotiate clicks as low as $0.05.

Product BrandingHow to leverage the viral marketing power of social media to build your Brand or Business? Social Media is one of the most common means to connect with family, friends and acquaintances. Most of the consumers tend to believe that the information posted on social media is authentic and testified by the people added in their list, which is one of the reasons why the sharing chain grows and goes viral in a few minutes. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ are a great way to target audiences.

Plus, much, much more!

The name says it all “The Traffic and Leads Training Academy” is one of the most effective ways to enhance an online business by offering insightful knowledge on generating traffic and leads to the business. The course is simple, and even people with limited knowledge will gain from it, as the steps are explained in detail.

Another advantage of this training would be that it puts all focus on generating maximum traffic. Many people may have complained that it has not worked for them, which is probably because they did not follow all the mentioned steps. The training however, needs to be continuous as you will be updated with all the latest marketing strategy skills.

So, if you want to build your brand or just enhance your business the academy is truly a good deal. It will yield results and offers a

30-day No Questions Asked Refund Period!

How To Generate Instant Free Traffic On Demand

Jeff Johnson posted a  fantastic training video on his blog that you really should check out.

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Traffic and Leads Training Academy Prelaunch Video 1

It’s the first of several  training videos that he’ll be posting over the next week or two.

You’ll also find your PDF Cheat Sheet just below the video (along with the hundreds of positive comments people have already left… it really is that good).

They are jam-packed with traffic-getting and list building strategies that you can put to use in your business today and see almost immediate results.

Your first training video shows you how to use Jeff’s “Like and Engage” technique to build your list on Facebook for pennies a subscriber.

It also reveals his I.R.S. Free Traffic-Getting Strategy for creating instant free traffic on demand.

You can request your free training videos and PDF Cheat Sheets here:



In the next video he’ll be revealing what will quickly become

The Center Of Your Traffic-Getting and List Building Universe

… you are going to love it, we promise!